Frequently Asked Questions


How much?

How different is it?

How different is it?

This is the biggest question in any business. If the answer wasn't right, we didn't exist. 

So, have a little faith, the price is really right where it has to be. You've seen our referral prices, so you've got an idea about estimated costs. By default, that's it, but we have to know each other first.


How different is it?

How different is it?

How different is it?

Comparing with a common IT solution, this one is highly different. First of all is a lot simplest and fast. Just over the night you get Professional IT services within same environment, same employees.

It's clean, simple and secure. It's a service!


Can I rollback?

How different is it?

Can I rollback?

This kind of business is about trust. You will get the finest gentleman's agreement ever seen: "We do business as long as we trust each other. No more, no less".

Feel free to come, fell free to go.


HOW different is IT

"I never worked in Cloud. What is IT mean?"

"CLOUD" is abstract, we know. 

Why to change something you already know into something so abstract?

  • The most important is that you change only the things you don't know or you can't control. You'll change the computer and server's configurations, IT settings, usage of terms like DHCP, Route, Port, Provider and so on. This becomes zero touch for you because this is the real Normality. When in cloud,  You DO only what you have to do: your job with Outlook, Excell, Word, PowerPoint, your CRM or other main programs you have. No more IP , cmd, mask, firewall, viruses, settings, reinstall, add  driver, where is my printer!

  • You don't care about you don't need. Everything that needs to run, is just running. There is no more questions like: "Is my email server running well?" or "Am I protected for viruses?" or "Do I have a good backup?" or "Am I under attack?". No... there is only one task for you: your work.

  • You don't care about licensing. A control from the Licensing Authority is able to close your business right away, isn't it? Do you have all the licences you are using? Are those proper for your environment? Are all of them business like or home use? Do you get enough CALs? You don't care! You have an IT contract that cover everything. Show the contract and send the Licensing inspector to us and forget about it.

  • It's not important where you are: you can be anywhere and do the same job as you do in your office, at your desk. Take a holiday anytime you need. Or simply work from home.

  • Do you know minimum in using Windows 10? Can you double-click a desktop icon? That's it! This is all you need to know for using CLOUD. We made it so simple.

Customer's review

Ramona M. (user): "At the beginning I was afraid about the term CLOUD.  I am not IT, I don't need sophisticated configuration when use a computer. I need only Outlook and Excel and some Word from time to time.  But this technology is stunning: I do now only Outlook and Excel. No other  IT things at all!"

Maria C. (user): "For me, being mobile is the only way to work. This technology allows me to work from anywhere same way as I work from my office desk. Where are you is not a question anymore."

Monica G. (owner): "When I ask something in IT area, I know it can happens as we talk. I don't have to wait for a budget or for the right configuration to add  a computer or a new user in my company. When I have to change an IT resource, it just happens and it's running smoothly, with no problem at all. "

Andrew P. (owner) ". I don't know anything about Software Licensing. I  am sure everything is OK now, but actually I don't care: IT infrastructure is not mine, I just use it. On the other hand,  I am sure my Company data are safe. If accidentally  someone delete anything, I can ask for a restore. This  happens, even when technical guys  operates. This is a good  IT solution for my business."

Gh. Marin (ex-employee): "I don't need  this cloud. I have a powerful personal computer and I don't need anything else. Even Internet! I do everything in old fashion, my way is  also cheaper." -  Marin lost his entire work in a holiday, now he is an ex-employee.